Limes network


The word limes originally meant a path. Roads (mainly military roads) criss-crossed the borderlands, connecting them to Rome, but they also extended into enemy territory. Natural obstacles (e.g. rivers) supplemented the artificial embankments and obstacles. A border line for the protection of the Roman Empire, established during the imperial era, which was formed by ramparts, ditches, watchtowers, and fortresses.

The search for the border defense equipment of the Roman rule on the present territory of our country is still among the tasks of the future. We need to get to know the routes and fortifications along the Danube from Carnuntum to Aquincum and from there to the mouth of the Dráva.

The Limes of Hungary forms the central part of the former Pannonia province along the Danube. To the west of it, the so-called Upper Pannonian Limes starts from Klosterneuburg Cannabiaca in Austria and ends a little east of Gerulata (Rusovce) in Slovakia.


Source: wikipedia